Summer Party, Cook Off and Volunteer of the Week!

summer fun


YOU are invited!

 Early Childhood Volunteer Summer Party

Thursday, June 11th 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Where:  Parkview Orland Campus, East Lobby by the fireplace, opposite side of building from Kids

Join us for dinner, fun and prizes!

Please bring a dish to share, if your last name starts with A-L appetizer, M-Z dessert.

We are having a cook-off!  Prizes awarded to the TOP 5 dishes.  The main dish will be provided by Parkview.

You can RSVP online by clicking here 

Or RSVP to your Coordinator by June 4th.

Nursery/Garden Amelia Goetschel 815-603-2512

Backyard/Clubhouse Carrie Lyons 630-306-8861

Stephanie CruzLet’s Celebrate!  

Meet our Volunteer of the Week, Stephanie Cruz!  Stephanie has been serving in our Early Childhood backyard since February 2014.  She faithfully serves every  Sunday at 11:00am.  Stephanie continually goes the extra mile to welcome, engage and serve God’s little ones and team members.   She is a great example of a dedicated leader!  Thank you, Stephanie, the best is yet to come!

Our Facebook Group is a common ground where we can connect during the week.  We may not see you every weekend but you can connect with us.  Connecting matters!  Friend me up (click here) or your Coordinator so we can add you to our Facebook Group.  This group is for volunteers on the Early Childhood Team (birth – Kindergarten) at Parkview.  The ‘EC’ Team ROCKS! This is a safe place to share, grow in our faith, encourage, laugh and build relationships. Let’s grow and prosper according to God’s word.

If we give a little extra time in order to be known and connected, it could establish a sense of community in each of our lives.

BIG hugs and much love,

Jill Shea

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“Be Kind and Loving to Each Other” Ephesians 4:32, NCV









Make it personal + Volunteer of the Week…Allison Meyer!

Allison Meyer

Let’s Celebrate!

Meet our Volunteer of the Week, Allison Meyer! Allison is a Team Leader in the Babies room on Sundays at 9 am.  She has been serving in the Garden/Nursery since 2009!!  Allison always arrives on time with a great attitude and ready to connect with her Team and all of the families. Her ability to lead her team and change the temperature of any room she enters is outstanding. She has truly created a small group culture with the 9 am group. Allison is a GREAT example of a dedicated leader.  Thank you Allison, the best is yet to come!

Friendly reminder, we start our summer service hours this weekend.  There is one Saturday service at 5:30pm.  Sunday services are now 9am, 11am and 5:30pm.

Let’s Connect – it matters!

We tend to use prayer as a last resort, but God wants it to be our first line of defense. We pray when there’s nothing else we can do, but God wants us to pray before we do anything at all.” – Oswald Chambers

They all have a story. Every one of them. Even as a preschooler that has only been in this world for a few short years, they too have a story that’s already forming. For some strange reason, this realization hit home hard for me this week. Not sure why as I have been hearing it and saying it myself for years, but for some reason, a foggy understanding became clearer.

As a small group leader, do I really know their stories? There are things that are going on at home that we may never know about it. Things that have already begun to be woven into their stories. Some big things. And others small and common. The more time I have taken to get to know parents, the more I realize that some of these kids stories are fighting some big battles already.

I urge you to say a quick prayer when you are with them. Silently and to yourself. Simply ask God to watch over them. Ask God to give them what they need. Ask God to be with their family during the week. Ask God to help them know that He loves them and He’s always with them. Ask God to give parents wisdom on how to handle their little hearts and emotions. Ask God to help you be a better small group leader to these kids. Prayer has the power to change courses for generations!”  – See more at:

Thank you for your dedication to God’s little ones, you are more than you know!

BIG hugs and much love,

Jill Shea

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Let the kids hear it! Space not a Place + Volunteer of the week and More! …

Bree Flesher

Let’s Celebrate! Meet Volunteer of the Week…Bree Flesher!

Bree volunteers in both the Early Childhood Backyard AND Garden!  Since October 2012 Bree has invested over 242 hours serving in Parkview Kids.  She faithfully serves every Sunday at 9am and 11am.   Bree is fun, enthusiastic and she is always ready to welcome the children.  We love having her on our team.  Thank you, Bree, the best is yet to come!


Let’s create great connections with the kids!  

Make it audible and Make it doable! 

  1.  1. Make it audible. Let the kids hear it! Call them “my friends”, “my group” or “my kids”.   Find opportunities to tell each child individually that you are glad they are yours:
  • “I’m so glad you are in my group.”
  • “I’m so glad we get to learn about Jesus together.”

2.  Make it doable

Think of a fun “ritual” to do with your group each week. Make up a unique hand-shake-fist-bump-high-five that you do every time they arrive. Or come up with a special name for your small group like the Flying Ninjas or the Butterfly Princesses. Giving them a specific place to belong and make that place FUN!

Using all of these senses, helps your little ones know that they do belong to you and that you belong to them! Helping preschoolers know they truly do have a place to belong within your small group helps them begin to grasp that they also have a place they belong within the family of God.

Enjoy the privilege of helping them see they belong!

(the above is an excerpt of an article from First Look called I belong to you . . . by Barbara)

Let’s create spaces not places. Places are rooms and areas but spaces are inviting and irresistible!

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend and I look forward to seeing YOU soon!

BIG hugs and much love,

Jill Shea

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“Be Kind and Loving to Each Other” Ephesians 4:32, NCV






May and June Curriculum

KID_EC_MemoryVerse_MayJune2015_36x24May 2015 Memory Verse Motions - Blog


The Happy Helpers Club is back! And, it’s better than ever. This is one of our FAVORITE themes to do with preschoolers. At a young age, children start saying, “I help,” and it’s our responsibility to teach them how to help. God wants them to help others, to think of others before themselves, so let’s make sure they know how to do it!

This month we’ll hear how Ruth helped Naomi by staying with her when she could have returned to her hometown. Then, Boaz helped them both by making sure they had enough to eat and were cared for (May Weeks 2 and 3). We can help others by being with them in a time of crisis and making sure they have what they need. Preschoolers will learn about Nehemiah and how he led an entire city to rebuild their wall (May Weeks 4 and 5). We can help others by leading them to accomplish a task. Then, they’ll experience the story of the woman who built a room for Elisha so that he had somewhere to rest when he was in town (June Weeks 1 and 2). We can help others by providing them hospitality. Finally, preschoolers will hear how Aaron and his friends helped Moses by physically holding up his arms to help the army win an important battle (June Weeks 3 and 4). We can help others by physically helping them do something as well as standing by them during a hard time.

The Monthly Memory verse is “Be Kind and Loving to Each Other” Ephesians 4:32, NCV

The Bottom Line is I Can Help Others.

May Weeks 2 and 3 – May 9th/10th and 16th/17th





LG Bible Lessons – May and June 2015

May Weeks 2 and 3 – LG Overview – May 2nd/3rd and 9th/10th

May Weeks 4 and 5 – LG Overview – May 16th/17th and 23rd/24th

June Weeks 1 and 2 – LG Overview– June 6th/7th and 13th/14th

June Weeks 3 and 4 – LG Overview – June 20th/21st and 27th/28th

LG Worship Videos & Large Group Overview – May & June 2015

– Every Part of Me

– Great Big God

– I Can Do All Things

– I’m So Glad He Loves Me

– Love One Another

– This Little Light of Mine


Encouraging Video and Volunteer of the Week!


Let’s celebrate!

Meet Volunteer of the Week…Gina King!

Gina is a Team Leader in Twos A every other Sunday at 5:45pm.  She has been serving since July 2013!!  Gina is such a bright light in our Garden! Gina’s smile and encouraging words have made such an amazing first impression on all families and fellow volunteers. Her patience and love for the children and her team are outstanding. Gina is an asset in the Twos’ classroom and her dedication, hard work and love for serving are contagious! She is a great example of a dedicated leader.

Thank you Gina, the best is yet to come!

Every life stage has unique characteristics.

Every life stage has distinctive opportunities.

Every life stage has relational dynamics.

Our Parkview Kids and Students’ team sat with 7,000 ministry leaders from 32 different countries in Atlanta this past week to discover how our entire family ministry team can make the most of every life stage as a kid grows from birth to high school.  And this is what happened….

Please check out this 3 minute video, it will bless you.

OC15 – Recap Video from Orange on Vimeo.

Let’s make this our best year yet, we’re in this together!

BIG hugs and much love,

Jill Shea

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“Go and make disciples of all nations.”   Matthew 28:19
















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