Georgia Szkolny, Super Meeting, Welcome July!

Let’s Celebrate! Meet Volunteer of the Week…Georgia Szkolny!

Georgia 2 Georgia joined our Backyard team last summer and has been a huge blessing!  She is  caring, thoughtful and dependable.  You will usually find her in the yellow room with  our 4 year olds every other week at 11am.  Georgia is passionate for the kids and our  team and it shows as she serves with her whole heart.  Thank you, Georgia, the best is  yet to come!

Welcome July!  Lisa Dorman, Curriculum Coordinator, has finalized and posted our  July curriculum, songs and information online.  Thanks Lisa!!!  Click here for updates and  remember you can always find the upcoming weekend’s activities online for your  convenience 24/7 under the ‘curriculum’ tab on our blog.


VBS Central is NOW OPEN in our Grand Foyer.  You can purchase our cool NEW blue t-shirts for $5.00.  This is optional.

Since you are already an active Early Childhood Team Member, please DO NOT sign up to volunteer at the VBS booth.  You can contact your coordinator directly to discuss increasing your serving schedule during VBS or how you want to get more involved. We need YOU!  VBS is one of our biggest times to reach out to our community.

Nursery/Garden Amelia Goetschel 815-603-2512

Preschool/Backyard Carrie Lyons 630-306-8861

We will have a VBS volunteer family meeting Wednesday, July 22.  This is where you will get the inside scoop on how our Backyard area for the preschoolers (3 yrs – 5 yrs) will look very different during the first four weekends in August.  It is extremely important you attend if you are volunteering in the Backyard during those VBS weekends in August.   Please save the date.  A light dinner will be served from 5:30-6:30pm with the opening program at 6:30pm.  We will be providing childcare. Please RSVP here and if you click yes if will then ask you about your childcare needs.

If you are a current nursery/garden volunteer, birth – 2 years of age, you do not need to attend the July 22nd meeting. However, WE NEED YOU to help with childcare during the meeting.  If you are available Wednesday, July 22nd, from 6:30pm-8:30pm to help with childcare please contact your coordinator, Amelia, directly.  THANK YOU!!!

Wishing you and your families a SPECTACULAR 4th of July weekend.  Thank you for making an eternal difference.  We LOVE having you on our team and greatly appreciate you sharing your time, talent and energy!

BIG hugs and much love,

jill shea

jill-shea-headshot-March 2015


God’s way is perfect.  2 Samuel 22:31


























July Curriculum

KID_EC_MemoryVerse_July2015_36x24July 2015 Memory Verse Motions - blog

It’s summerrrrrr! I hear Olaf singing that, don’t you? Gotta love Olaf, but we have no snowmen in our summer theme this year. We do however have water! It’s time for Camp Splish Splash! Camp Splish Splash will run through July and teach our preschoolers that God’s way is perfect.

July Weeks 1 and 2, our preschoolers will hear about Noah, his ark, the multitude of animals and – you guessed it – water! We will learn of God’s Plan for Noah and how he built the ark exactly how God said to do it because Noah knew that God’s way is perfect. He knew that he could believe what God said and we can believe what God says too!

July Weeks 3 and 4, we will finish our story of Noah and learn how God told Noah and his family and all of the animals that they could get out of the boat. Then God made a very important promise and gave us a beautiful, colorful rainbow up in the sky as a sign of His promise. Every time we see a rainbow in the sky, it’s a reminder of that promise that God made. God ALWAYS keeps His promises, because God’s way is perfect!

As we share these stories with preschoolers, we want not only to have fun, but to show them solid examples of people following God’s way and it being the perfect way. We want to teach them to trust God’s way in the easier things so that when life gets harder, they will know that God’s way is perfect, and that’s the way they should choose.

Stay tuned for information about “MOVE” our Vacation Bible School program starting in August.

The Monthly Memory verse is “God’s way is perfect.” 2 Samuel 22:31, NIRV

The Bottom Line is God’s way is perfect.

July Weeks 1 and 2 – July 4th, 5th, 11th, 12th


LG Worship Videos and LG Overview – July 2015

July Weeks 1 and 2 LG Overview – July 4, 5, 11, 12

July Weeks 3 and 4 LG Overview – July 18, 19, 25, 26


LG Bible Lessons – July 2015

– July 4, 5, 11, 12

– July 18, 19, 25, 26

Lindsey Daniels, devotion to details and more! …

lindsey Daniels

WOOT WOOT let’s celebrate!

Meet our Volunteer of the Week, Lindsey Daniels! 

Lindsey is a Team Leader in Ones B every Sunday at 11:00am.  She has been serving in the Nursery since August 2014 ! Lindsey has an AMAZING gift of connecting with volunteers and families! Every Sunday she sets a very positive,encouraging, and energetic tone in the room she leads. Her energy and heart for this ministry are contagious!  Each week she rallies her team and gets them excited to serve, as well as the children who are all overjoyed to see Lindsey greeting them at the door!   She is a great example of a dedicated leader.  Thank you Lindsey, the best is yet to come!

Success is in the details.  Devotion to details lets guests know they are worth the effort.  Read more at the link below.

On that note, PLEASE arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of service for our teams’ huddle. It is imperative each service team gathers together to touch base and get ready for families.  This time is for YOU.  If you are not certain where to go, have an emergency or are running late please call or text your Coordinator.

Nursery/Garden Amelia Goetschel 815-603-2512

Preschool/Backyard Carrie Lyons 630-306-8861

THANK YOU for your dedication and commitment to excellence!  YOU are making a HUGE impact to so many people.

BIG hugs and much love,

jill shea

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  Be kind and loving to each other.  Ephesians 4:32













Pictures, Father’s Day, Volunteer of the Week & so much more!…


Early Childhood Volunteer Summer Party – June 11,2015   

 We had TONS of FUN and LOADS of delightful homemade appetizers and desserts at our summer party last Thursday.  Five team members received prizes for their delicious dishes and we had the opportunity to relax and have fun together.  THANK YOU!  We are so grateful for everyone helping make this our BEST EVENT EVER!  See more pictures from last Thursday’s party at the end of this post.

We are quickly approaching Father’s Day!  This is always an EXCITING time of year at Parkview and one of our biggest outreach weekends.  We’ll have many NEW visitors and it’s important we all remember we don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.  So let’s go over a few details…

We will go back to five services for this weekend only.  (Saturday 3:45pm & 5:30pm, Sunday 9:00am, 11:00am, 5:30pm)

PLEASE remember we need you to arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of service for our team huddles AND so we are equipped to accept other volunteers’ children extra early so they can get to their team huddle.

Let’s Celebrate!  Meet Volunteer of the Week…Tina Reay!

Tina Reay

Tina is a Team Leader in the backyard.  She has been subbing in on Sunday mornings at the 9am or 11am service for the past three years!  She is always willing to help whenever needed.  Tina has a keen eye and ensures the little ones are always in a safe and fun environment.   Tina is dedicated, patient, joyful and leads by example.  She is a great leader!   Thank you, Tina, the best is yet to come.


Every two weeks we are looking at which children had a birthday and who needs to graduate to the next age-appropriate classroom.  Here’s a quick read on how we can make the transition easier for God’s little ones.  Leaders are readers, check it out! …

Below you’ll find more pictures from our party last Thursday.

Thanks EVERYONE for being the best team ever.  YOU are loved!

Jill Shea

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June 11, 2015



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May and June Curriculum

KID_EC_MemoryVerse_MayJune2015_36x24May 2015 Memory Verse Motions - Blog


The Happy Helpers Club is back! And, it’s better than ever. This is one of our FAVORITE themes to do with preschoolers. At a young age, children start saying, “I help,” and it’s our responsibility to teach them how to help. God wants them to help others, to think of others before themselves, so let’s make sure they know how to do it!

This month we’ll hear how Ruth helped Naomi by staying with her when she could have returned to her hometown. Then, Boaz helped them both by making sure they had enough to eat and were cared for (May Weeks 2 and 3). We can help others by being with them in a time of crisis and making sure they have what they need. Preschoolers will learn about Nehemiah and how he led an entire city to rebuild their wall (May Weeks 4 and 5). We can help others by leading them to accomplish a task. Then, they’ll experience the story of the woman who built a room for Elisha so that he had somewhere to rest when he was in town (June Weeks 1 and 2). We can help others by providing them hospitality. Finally, preschoolers will hear how Aaron and his friends helped Moses by physically holding up his arms to help the army win an important battle (June Weeks 3 and 4). We can help others by physically helping them do something as well as standing by them during a hard time.

The Monthly Memory verse is “Be Kind and Loving to Each Other” Ephesians 4:32, NCV

The Bottom Line is I Can Help Others.

May Weeks 2 and 3 – May 9th/10th and 16th/17th

May Weeks 4 and 5 – May 23rd/24th and 30th/31st

May 30th/31st Craft:



June Weeks 1 and 2 – June 6th/7th and 13th/14th

June Weeks 3 and 4 – June 20th/21st and 27th/28th




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